Carolina Sleep Company

Nothing compares to the comfort, functionality, and sustainability of Carolina Sleep Company home goods. The unique qualities of our bamboo are what make our promise to A Natural Way to a Better Night’s Sleep possible.

Bamboo fiber outshines cotton in every way. It offers a unique combination of superior comfort and functionality plus sustainability, making it the most natural choice for achieving more peaceful rest.

Bamboo is the most comfortable solution for home goods. Bamboo is highly breathable and naturally wicks away moisture, and with its temperature-regulating properties will keep you cool or warm regardless of the season. As such, bamboo fabrics are luxurious in every way.

Bamboo is also the healthier choice for your home. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, and offers anti-microbial and anti-bacterial features, plus resistance to mildew and odor. Your bamboo pillows, sheets and towels will give you clean and germ-free use every day.

What’s more, bamboo has exceptional environmental credentials. Compared to cotton, bamboo requires astonishingly less water, chemicals, and land to produce, meaning cleaner air, soil, and water where it is cultivated. And because it is far more durable than cotton, bamboo textiles last substantially longer, resulting in less waste over their lifecycle.

Once you have experienced the incomparable comfort and eco-friendly functionality of Carolina Sleep Company, you’ll never look back.